Our Business Services Team is made up of local experts and professionals from a collection of state agencies and non-profits who provide employment services. We provide guidance and consulting services to help your company grow or stay competitive. Whenever you contact any member of our team, that individual or organization will either provide you with assistance or with a referral to another agency that’s able to serve your needs.

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Tim Saunders: (434) 845-1932 or

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  • Streamlined contacts to address your workforce needs
  • Timely information on programs and resources
  • Assistance with Job Fairs
  • Pre-screening for eligible candidates
  • Referrals for your job openings
  • Interview space and business equipment
  • Innovative recruitment strategies
  • Assistance with online recruiting
  • Assistance with web, social media and video material to market and recruit prospective employees in high demand sectors
  • Promotion for job openings through social media
  • Develop Career Pathways to “fill the pipeline” of future workers for area employers
  • Employer-sponsored internships for high school students
  • Intensive, short-term training which leads to nationally recognized credentials to help individuals improve skills to start a new career and/or improve current career
  • Resources & referrals to organizations that train and educate existing workers as well as customized training and education
  • On-the job training to reduce your job creation cost
  • GED, Adult basic literacy or English as a second language classes
  • Assessment of current workforce
  • Incumbent worker training for advancing education, certification and credentialing
  • Industry-specific customized training
  • Executive coaching and consulting services
  • Registered apprenticeship programs
  • Internships 
  • Small business and entrepreneurial advising and group education
  • Assist in data collection
  • Labor Market Information
  • Sector strategies and best practices to assist in securing workforce in our high demand occupations
  • Information on tax incentives
  • Training funds and incentive-based employee placement
  • Tuition assistance and resources

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