Gunnoe’s fresh country sausage is so good because it is a family recipe that has spanned four generations. Located in historical Cifax, Virginia and just a stone’s throw from the Blue Ridge mountains and the famed Peaks of Otter, it’s no small wonder Dewey Gunnoe saw the same thing in the lush, gently rolling valleys of Bedford County that Thomas Jefferson and the colonial farmers and traders recognized when they first visited the area in the 1700s. That’s why Jefferson chose to build his second home, Poplar Forest, nearby. And Dewey found the perfect place to make great sausage when he moved his family here from Charleston, West Virginia in the mid 1960s. Over the past 50 years, Dewey, his wife Fern, his daughter Cynthia and sons Craig and Chad built the business to where Gunnoe’s sausage is available in many stores in the seven state Mid-Atlantic region. The West Virginia family, meanwhile, expanded into salads which are made in Charleston WV by R. G. Gunnoe Farms. Here in Virginia, Gunnoe’s still makes the great country sausage you remember, and also makes Gunnoe’s Links, Patties, Italian Sausage, Bratwurst, and Blue Ridge Patties. As Craig Gunnoe says, “We have been adamant from day one not to change our formulations, our flavor profile, to cheapen the product and increase margin. Our sausage still has the hams, loins and other great cuts of pork blended with our family recipe to give you a premium sausage with a fresh taste.”